Analyze any file using 20 different antivirus scans


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JottiQ is an excellent tool to help you ensure a certain file is totally safe. It's capable of analyzing files with 20 different antivirus scans.

You just have to drag any file (20 megabytes or less) to the program interface and wait a couple of seconds.

The file will be uploaded to JottiQ and placed in the queue while the server attends to the requests from other users.

After a brief analysis JottiQ shows the results of each of the antivirus scans it utilizes, among them Avast, AVG, clamAV, BitDefender, and Kaspersky, among others.

JottiQ also gets installed to your browser's dropdown menu, letting you access the option 'Scan with JottiQ' just by right-clicking on any file.
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